No sleep til Brooklyn

I cut, paste, and edit my computer life, operate email, write software, and invest. I have great expectations for tomorrow. Until then, my main goal is to be a positive influence on the lives of the people I love and fully participate in this mystery we call .... life.

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I have had the most fantastic month being home on the beach. I have not been offline but I dont need to be offline to get rejuvenated, just off the road.

This year I will refocus on the power of…

Introducing The Primal Blueprint: Updated and Expanded Paperback Edition →

3D paperbackPB2With strong sales of the original hardcover Primal Blueprint book over the past three years, I was honored by a request from mainstream retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble,…

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NEW YORK (AP) — Credit card rewards are the new social currency.

Citibank customers can now use Facebook to pool their rewards points online.

The bank on Tuesday launched a Facebook application that lets users team up to use their points, whether it’s for charity, a group gift or a personal goal. Citi says it’s the first bank to offer such a feature.

The app builds on a service Citi introduced last year that lets customers transfer points to one another on the bank’s…

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The Social Media Investor Relations Tipping Point…and Stocktwits! →

I have spent the last year really deep in the Investor Relations world as we build out Stocktwits for the Enterprise. As Dominic says on his forward thinking blog IR Web Report, we have tipped….

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What is the single best thing you can do for your health?

Why letting a fever run its course might be the best plan of action when you get one: elevated body temperatures (fevers) make certain immune cells work better

1984 Mac commercial

There seems to be a growing consensus among reviewers of tech products: computer specs — processor, memory, display resolution — don’t really matter anymore.

Instead, people buy new products based on the user experience, which is defined by software and online services.

MG Siegler declared the death of the spec last month on TechCrunch, and Josh Topolsky of The Verge eventually came to the same conclusion.

They’re right.

But it’s worth remembering the only reason…

Flash Player 11.1 Arrives for Android Ice Cream Sandwich →

Daniel Ionescu, reporting for PCWorld:

The latest Android Flash player has a few known issues, however. StageVideo using On2 and Sorenson does not work on ICS devices, and Seeking while video is…

Tender Prime Rib Roast with Mushroom and Bacon Sauté →

primerib2Prime rib is a cut of meat that’s perfect for special occasion feasts in more ways than one. Served in supple, thick slices that are marbled with fat, it’s a decadent and impressive main…